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Tips and Tricks of Remodeling

January 22, 2018

Thinking of jumping on the remodel bandwagon? Here are some things to consider. Hire a design professional. Interior Designers specialize in interiors while Architects focus on altering the building envelope. Engineers establish the structural requirements that the new design creates. A remodel rarely needs all three professionals. Consider who’s a best fit for your project. […]

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Tamarack - New Home Build Interior Design Project

How to pick the right paint color for your space like a professional

September 26, 2017

Anyone whose been to a paint store knows there are literally thousands of paint colors. Designers love the options. Paint is the most flexible aspect of creating an interior space. However, for most home owners, choosing a color can be daunting. When a designer picks out a paint color, they already have the rest of […]

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