Tips and Tricks of Remodeling

Thinking of jumping on the remodel bandwagon? Here are some things to consider.

  • Hire a design professional. Interior Designers specialize in interiors while Architects focus on altering the building envelope. Engineers establish the structural requirements that the new design creates. A remodel rarely needs all three professionals. Consider who’s a best fit for your project.
  • Take your time with the design. Clients and contractors often want to start right away. If you take your time with the design phase of the project you will be able to better control costs and be happier with the finished product.
  • Be realistic about time and budget. There are many home remodeling show out there that are misleading about both of these components. Your contractor and design professional can give you accurate information about what to expect in your area.
  • Identify local city requirements that will affect your budget. Foam insulation, aluminum wiring, sink limitations and low flush toilets are just a few of the items you may encounter.
  • Be prepared for for surprises. The best planning in the world will not prevent you from having them. They are a part of remodeling.
  • Seriously consider moving out. It will add to the cost, but significantly lower your stress level.
  • Finally, remember you and your team are creating a custom, beautiful living spaced based on your desires and how your family lives. I have clients come up to me years after we worked together to tell me how much they enjoy their space. With planning, patience and realistic expectations you can that dream space you’ve always wanted!

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